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We are your go-to for all of your product photography. 
A subdivision of Ell Tee Photo

We shoot clean, crisp photos of your product on a pure white background. Each image is professionally shot and edited in our studio by our experienced staff of trained product photographers under the direction of our creative director.

Fast standard turnaround.
Projects are delivered 10-14 days after receiving of products & payment.
Please contact us for current lead times.

Product type

Our goal is to understand the category type that you are in so we can give you images that drive traffic to your product using eye catchy imagery that is pleasant to view.
We collect this information assist with the creative direction so your products image stands out from the rest.

Product quantity

The quantity of images in total reflect the amount of work needed to produce your images, this is important to decide if special props are needed to enhance the collection of images. 

Also, it's always cheaper when you order in quantity.


Often, product prototypes and manufacturing samples contain minor defects not representative of the final product. Our hero shots go far beyond our standard service in correcting many manufacturing errors such as crooked labels, mold seams, misaligned gaps, damaged box corners, and much more.

We recommend hero shots for use on the marketplace as the primary image in your listing. We may also recommend hero shots such as with product packaging.

Hero Shot - $95

Hand model

Great for showing products in use to demonstrate the features, and giving a sense of scale, hand modeling can be added to any of our services.
Our studio staff and assistants will demonstrate your product while our photographers give direction. Your choice of male or female hands. 

Hand model - $30 Per image

On-white Options

There are a few options that you may choose for the type of white background of your product. 
1, Mirror white - this option is great for that added detail under the product, it will make your product take up the most space and dimension detail as possible.
2, Floating white - this option is great for stand alone product with the least amount of distractions. Its dead stupid simple. No frills. 
3, Shadow on white is similar to option 1, but it has less distractions as the mirrored white with less detail in the shadows. 

Mirror White

Floating white

Shadow on white


Adding a lifestyle image can show the viewer a realistic environment to the product you are photographing, this gives perspective, ambiance and a way to give the viewer a visualization of how they could use the product. 

This can be joined with a "hand model" service with offer for that extra relatability to the viewers. 

Price may vary based on complexity. Inquire within. 

File type

We deliver the files in the type that you need. 

- JPG 
- Layered PDF
- Amazon ready
- Multi file types. 

We can deliver the images in any file type, you may need the highest resolution image for packaging for extreme detail or web resolution ready for amazon product detail. 

Our goal is to make the delivery efficient to you so you can focus on listing more product. 

Included with the price. 

Client Portal

You will have easy access to every project and its details in one place. You will have access to contract, photo shoot details, invoices and quotes. 
It's an easy way to keep on top of your budgets and projects. 

360 Moving image

Using Our 360 image or video makes an impeccable impression on the viewer as they can scroll and zoom at every angle to see the details that no other collection of images can. 

File types:
- MP4        

Most common amongst those using Shoptify with the 360 plugin. 

360 moving picture - $95


Single photo                                  $60 one photo
2-4 photos (10% off)                    $54 per photo
5-9 photos (20% off)                     $48 per photo
10-19 photos (30% off)                  $42 per photo
20-49 photos (40% off)                 $36 per photo
50-99 photos (50% off)                $30 per photo
100+ photos (60% off)                  $24 per photo

3 business day rush* Add $95 for up to 10 photos

Orders are usually delivered 1-2 weeks after the products and payment are received. 

Orders larger than 3 feet wide or tall inquire for pricing

Questions? Special quote needed? Email:

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