Ezzy and Malkah have many friends and family who came to make their wedding the most happy and cheerful, upbeat and lively wedding, the energy was way up there! 

My experience of the day was not the ordinary and its not usual for me to get nervous easily, but I trusted my team to work their best and with only a few bumps in the way we managed to finish it successfully. 

The photos below are for your viewing pleasure, enjoy it from any perspective you come with, creatively, emotionally, technical ability , or just roam around and enjoy them as is! (it would be hard to show you the time table with the schedule so you know how fast we worked on some of the shots.)

Also a shout out to my 2nd shooter Chana Blumes- Geisinsky for working very hard together with me to produce these results. (Her work can be found here Website)

You should be able to see all of that in this short album. 

Please enjoy. 

P.S. To fully experience you must watch the highlight video by Detti. 
Video: BSD Films (View highlight video


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