Im having several ideas in my head that I feel like I need to share with you before you view this gallery. 

1. This gallery is special because of the work from a few persons, who seamlessly worked as a solid team and this album shows you the capabilities of super talented people when they come together and create a masterpiece of art. 
2. "Inspiration" sounds like an ancient word creative people have been using in the industry when they can't explain what they created - right? now that I have you thinking, I want to explain the process for this shoot. 
3. "The process" - This entire shoot literally had no planning, and that was the idea behind this shoot, to just go with the flow and trust each other to do their best and perform how they "feel" in my understanding that is exactly what "inspiration" effects on the process, we all got together, looked at the jewelry pieces, picked a few we liked (based on the weather) and kept some silence thinking of what would be best, and just go ahead with it. (with obvious communication and work in unison) 

First was the makeup - Esty is efficient with her time and did a phenomenal job bringing new ideas to the table, and helping everyone decide on colour themes and she has great style on her own right which came to help as part of the team.
Salon Leah, she came and joined at last minute, she caught up to speed very quickly and started working right away to add her flare, and work with Rivkas hair, which wasnt an easy task. 
Chaya - she put Shaindy in touch with myself, she has a strong business mind and helped us focus on Project6's intention and helped us focus on showing them off the best way possible along with the companies goals - also, being a talented childrens photographer helped us get another angel with a 2nd camera and obviously added a touch of her own personality into the shoot. 
Shaindy - she's a humble mind but has a clear mind with regards to her style in fashion - clarity with "Creativity" is a blessing we all wish to be blessed with, her new line Project6 will be big very soon! Keep an eye out. 
Rivka - You've seen her before and she is super calm, easy to photograph and will change into any outfit you give her, and she puts up with the crazy traffic of people staring as they drive by, she did an amazing job (with letting us do her makeup, hair and dress) 

4. The gallery - we decided to take the editorial angle on this shoot, and the location just fit it perfectly, even with the sun appearing out of the sky we managed to make it work for the best possible photos.

These, are creative people doing their best, with no intention other than creating "Fashion" photographs that are interesting to look at - and we hope you look at them twice. 

Starting new trends. Done. 

Here are the links to connect with the artist - follow them!  
Photographer/coordinator : Levi at Ell Tee Photo
2nd Photographer: Chaya Rockford - Me and my camera
Model: Rivka Tatik
 Makeup: Esty Lipkind Makeup Artist
 Hair: Salon Leah
 Stylist: Shaindy Backer
 Accessories: Sneak peek at Project 6 upcoming collection

Behind the scenes - [LT]

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