With much effort to keep my blog Portfolio more versatile and filled with photos that I am proud of, I can honestly say that these images are fun to create, everyone involved loved them.

The streets of Brooklyn allow for anyone to be themselves and here in NY we encourage individualism beyond any other city. 

The idea behind every image, is to show the most inner personal character of each model or client that comes to me - its the utmost importance that they feel comfortable with me so I can capture them at their best. 

Isabelle is a mature girl from a loving family,  and is not afraid to speak up for herself and share when she is happy, she likes to dance and brings other to have a good time with her. 

For more session info - use the contact form. 

Model: Isabelle
Styled by: Isabelle 
Makeup: Esty Lipkind
Location: Crown Heights, BK

On the Streets of Brooklyn, NY

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