Honestly, Im not sure what to write here . 

Shooting a photographers wedding is not an easy task - of which im sure you can understand, the specifics are way beyond the regular "needs, or wants" or requests that I get. 

We put certain photos as priority to make sure we can the best of the best, and everyone was happy with the results.

This wedding in a few words would include but not limited to:

Empowering energy.
Contagious dance.
Joyful smiles.
Upbeat music.
Satisfied cravings.
Whisperers of blessings.
Bucket loads of best wishes.

The images in their gallery convey the message of which Moshe & Chaya teach, to always be joyful, happy and complementary - and to appreciate the small things we might take for granted,  spread that energy which lift people from their mundane activities and it will give them a skip in their step. Literally.

Thank you Abbie, from www.abbiesophia.com for assisting me. 

Makeup: Henya Holtzberg
Hair stylist: Chayale Kievman 
Hall: Oholei Torah

Behind the scenes

Untitled photo
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