Flying out to South africa for paid work seems like a dream "We'll fly you out" - with it comes its hardships of traveling with gear, keeping healthy while on a 21 hour flight in an airplane with 200 other people sneezing, and jet lag added to the mess. 

I got sick the night before, and had to put all my attention on getting the job done - it was a success, and I slept 15 hours that night. 

The etiquette in New york, is very different from those in other countries, like South africa. Which was super interesting to learn. 

The day schedule was hectic - started at 8am at their home, then went to Shul (Prayers, Tefillin, Torah Reading and Megilah reading, Torah dedication ceremony, Rabbis speech) then went to the hall with the guests already starting to arrive all mixes with delicious smelling food, a Hamantash bar, drinking bar, hot food station, and desserts. etc. 

My day ended with a shot of tequila thrown in my eye. -#lifeofaphotographer

After all said and done, it was a beautiful day to be part of, one amazing family with a soft heart and kind smile, lovely crowd and happy classmates. 

There was a three parts of the day:

1. Early morning preparation at his home 
2. Prayers at Shul - Welcoming in the new Torah that was dedicated to Saul the Bar mitzva boy
3. The Purim party with food and dance. (some ended in the pool)

Viewing through the album you should be able to feel like you were there, attending as a fly on the wall, feel the vibe and even get to know the family for their kind and welcoming gestures. 

This Bar Mitzvah would have never been possible without my Mentor asking me to come join her on this venture - I don't have her images but I can share mine with you. 

I am overly thankful for the opportunity you gave me, and for giving me the time of your day to teach me new lessons that will make me a better photographer and so I can bring that information back home and implement that into my workflow. You are an inspiration to me.
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Saul's Bar Mitzva - Johannesburg

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