Todays Mini-Shoot is part of a family favorite location "the front yard" Its the place their kids feel most at home, and suits the setting with prints lining the walls of the cherished family abode. 

With enough energy in these cute little double trouble, add a photographer and the photos are just a memory of what happened. 

I know you're thinking "that makes no sense" - which is probably true, but it sounds nice. 

As we were saying, I will post a photo of the front yard (image of Google/maps) Just to show that any location you are given can be made to be most useful to your advantage in the end result. 

The prints from this shoot will all look alike and these two brothers will have fun memories in many years up ahead, they will look at themselves and think "oh wow, we had fun that day"

Which is a mirror of how much I enjoy what I do! 

If there was a blessing to say after every shoot I would say it - "I photographed, and I am satisfied" (with hopes everyone is happy too) 


Wall Print - Example

Untitled photo
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