Chani Berns - Levi Teitlebaum

My name is Chani - Thank you for stopping by.


Position: Wig stylist 
Currently have own Salon called "Chanis Studio CORP" offering a variety of beauty services.
(4 years experience at Milano Wig Collection Showroom)

Position: Makeup Artist. 
Currently offer freelance makeup artist services for wedding/bridal and editorial work from my Salon , also available for travel in the Tri-state area in the privacy of your home. 
(MAC certified in 2013)

Position: Fitness instructor 
Currently have 2 weekly classes. 
Tuesday  - Yig Yoga
Wednesday - Zumba / High intensity training. 
(Zumba certified)

I'm available! 
- Hair/Wig Stylist (All services)
- Makeup (All occasions) 
- Private Zumba classes

This keeps me focused and at the edge of my toes all the time, I want to grow, learn and work efficiently with every opportunity and each experience that comes by way, I want to create a community with like minded people.  

Lets connect!

Chani Teitlebaum (Berns)

Call or text (347) 850-4228

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