Who we need: Studio Intern
We are looking for a motivated and talented individual who is eager to learn, happy to work and can get along with our laid back yet professional atmosphere.
Someone who can learn tasks quickly and expand their own ideas, creativity and knowledge into them. This individual should love photography and design, be passionate about entering the world of servicing happy clients and being a general creative person with good energy.

This internship is not paid, but with it comes invaluable experience, knowledge and references. We will provide a stipend for lunch money and any transportation done while in the office will of course be covered.

Potential full time hire is always a possibility in the future.

       * Must be available at least twice a week for at least 6 hours since it is mostly project driven. Preferable from 11-5 pm, days are flexible and can be changed on a case by case basis.
       *Must be at least familiar with Photoshop, InDesign and/or Lightroom.
       *Must be social media savvy.
       *Must be quick to learn and organized. 

General tasks:
* Aiding in the assembly of proof books, flash drive cases and other products for client pickup
*Building blogs for posting
*Posting to social media outlets
*Putting together album layouts
*Photographing behind the scenes in studio for websites/blog
*Assisting on photoshoots from time to time
*General organization help in office
*Organizing online galleries of photos

You can submit at this link: Submit Resume

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