Pesach 2016

Pesach is over:

It was a very special 10 days spending time together over the Pesach holiday, now it's over and everyone is back to their homes and families, it's important sooner than later to start thinking of where and how you want the images of your family. 

How do we see our pictures? 

The images are in a special folder which you can view in the privacy of your own home. Send me an email, and ill forward the link to you. 

Pricing:  "You only buy what you really like"

There are so many options for how to have your images delivered, that's why I will be there to help guide you during your viewing session the best images.  

My job is to help guide you to a specific print that will look the best. 

Lets make time to speak on the phone, and i'll help with any questions or concerns. 

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Having the images printed additionally in a book, you can have 30 approx images in print format, it's the only way to get the most of all the images, and not use all the wall space for large prints. 

They are a great gift for grandparents for memories of their grandchildren and family. 

$450 8x8 Linen cover 15 page book 
$550 8x12 Linen cover 15 page book

All books include a custom design.   (during view session)

Digital images: 
Print orders of $1000+ will include the high resolution digital files of your session.
Each print order will have a low resolution digital file delivered via an online gallery + Download link. 

1 Digital file $100
3 Digital files $250

Low resolution: (only available for orders of $700+)
1-10 Low resolution images $15 each.
10+ Low resolution images $10 each. 

Low resolution images are great for sharing instantly with friends and family online. 

This is the art that we show off: 


8x10 Canvas wrap - $200 x2 
16x24 Canvas wrap - $250
24x36 Canvas wrap - $450 
32x48 Canvas wrap - $650


8x10 $125
12x12 $150
16x24 $350
24x36 $550

Gift Prints:

These prints are best for gifts to family. (available to orders of $700+)

5x7 Luster print - $40 3x
8x10 Luster print  - $15 (and smaller) 
16x24 Luster print - $40 (and smaller)

Print orders of x amount include discount to final total. 
$800+  %10 discount
$1200+ %15 discount 
$2000+ %25 Discount 

Shipping FREE anywhere in the USA. 

Gallery and orders - Contact us!

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